Each year we support approximately 10,000 serving and ex-service men and women of all ages through a unique and varied programme of tailored activities and events including Royal Parties, concerts, holidays, outings and the provision of televisions and TV Licences.

All our activities are aimed to complement the support provided by other service charities and take into account the individual’s recovery pathway, service experience and level of injury or illness. We try to include as many new beneficiaries as possible, whilst recognising that there are also those who benefit hugely from our ongoing support and may do so for many years to come.

Some activities will provide a physical challenge and the opportunity to develop self-confidence, others are of a more social nature, many will offer both challenge and comradeship.

Bringing together like-minded serving and ex-service men and women of all ages helps to replace the camaraderie and banter of service life and provides the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

Beneficiaries share their experiences of service, injury and rehabilitation whilst providing support and advice to each other. The realisation that they are not the only one suffering, that others have been in similar situations or have much worse injuries, can encourage those who may be struggling with their own recovery and help them to move on in their rehabilitation

Spending time relaxing in each other’s company in a safe familiar environment fosters comradeship, creates lasting memories, strengthens the sense of pride in their individual and shared achievements and reduces feelings of not being valued or appreciated.

Inviting beneficiaries’ partners to appropriate events helps them to feel more involved in the injury recovery process, to meet and mutually support others in similar circumstances, to feel that their own sacrifices are appreciated and provides new contacts and friendships. This gives them renewed determination and confidence to deal with the challenges facing the injured service man/woman, thereby strengthening their relationship and improving family life.

In this way we are able to bring about tangible health and quality of life improvements, from the psychological boost experienced by the elderly residents of ex-service care homes who attend our concerts to the physical outdoor exercise enjoyed by those who take part in our activity holidays.