We organise several group holidays and short breaks each year for hundreds of injured serving and ex-service men and women of all ages. These trips and experiences are tailored to the needs of the individual and reflect our core aim of providing comradeship and challenge.

For younger men and women who are still recovering from their injuries, we include activity holidays such as canoeing, skiing and surfing. Due to their injuries and experiences, some of our guests may initially be hesitant about taking part, but there is generally a marked improvement in their outlook and confidence as, free from the stresses of their rehabilitation and recovery programme, they realise they can participate in challenging activities.

By successfully overcoming these challenges our younger injured beneficiaries also ease many of their fears and doubts about their capabilities post physical or mental injury. This renews enthusiasm, improves feelings of self worth and encourages our beneficiaries in other aspects of their lives, including rehabilitation, personal and family relationships and employment. After returning home many will keep in touch with each other and take up their new skills as a hobby.

We have recently introduced walking and trekking breaks such as the Cateran Trail, Three Peaks Challenges and even took a group to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. These trips present different degrees of challenge and difficulty depending on the participants’ injuries, but everyone pulls together with determination and courage and lasting friendships are made.

Our battlefield tours to places such as Normandy, Ypres, Italy, Malta and Arnhem bring together serving and ex-service men and women of all ages. Young and old mix in an atmosphere of great comradeship and mutual respect and everyone takes home lasting memories of shared experiences.

For the last few years we have taken groups of recently injured personnel with their partners on farmhouse holidays in Majorca. The beautiful location and relaxed atmosphere are very therapeutic and allow injured men and women to have fun together. These breaks provide recuperation and respite from the difficulties of rehabilitation, giving our guests a more positive outlook on life.

The annual Brands Hatch track day event gives dozens of injured men and women the opportunity to be driven around the world-famous track in a variety of high performance road and racing cars.

We host hundred of guests at the Union Jack Club in central London as add-ons to our Royal Parties and some overseas holidays. These very popular short stays give our guests and their partners the opportunity to socialise with each other in a relaxed, safe atmosphere.

In addition, we provide financial assistance for individual holidays in the UK. These may be respite or convalescent breaks and some of those we help may not have had a holiday for many years due to disability, advancing years or isolation. We can also offer grants to service associations and veterans organisations for trips in the UK and overseas.

For further information email holidays@nfassociation.org